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Nagai Industries is an independent game development studio headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.


Our goal is to produce engaging, high-quality interactive experiences that combine best-in-class gameplay with strong narrative elements to explore and expand the possibilities of video games as a medium.

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We’re drawing heavily from our daily lives crafting narratives that are moving, believable, and humane.

We’re fascinated by Japan and its strong cultural presence that makes each and every moment of being there feel unique and meaningful. And we aspire to reflect these sensations in the projects we’re building.

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With human connection at the core of our design philosophy, we’re trying to offer new ways for our audience to interact with the environment and exceed our medium’s limitations.

We’re fully committed to employ traditional Japanese concept ichi-go ichi-e as a foundation for our debut title. Representing transient nature of life, it helps us navigate the development process and brings gravity to the experience we’re orchestrating.

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InKonbini is an accessible, choice-driven shop assistant simulator that makes you explore and appreciate wonders of a day-to-day life in a 1990s small-town Japanese convenience store.

InKonbini offers a meditative, slice-of-life experience and lets you discover the secrets of Japanese customer service through meaningful conversations with a variety of the store’s regulars.

Featuring a unique blend of easy-to-grasp gameplay mechanics and a subtle narrative structure, the game conveys the idea that every single moment which comes is unique and worth savouring, and the only thing that’s constant in life is change.

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We’re a compact, diverse team of highly-skilled interactive entertainment creators, with Japanese video games and animation ingrained into our DNA.

Operating from Tokyo, Japan, a multinational city with rich culture and exceptional quality of life, we’re employing the benefits of this location to create an authentic, inspiring workspace while facilitating prolific and fulfilling game creation process.

At Nagai Industries, we don’t confine ourselves to specific genres or aesthetics, design with our audience in mind, and strongly believe in the clarity of vision.

We’re building a collaborative, people-oriented environment based on the values of open communication, creative autonomy, and healthy work-life balance to deliver memorable entertainment products with unique artistic voice and strong appeal.

Fully embraced remote work model allows us to welcome passionate developers from around the globe to join our studio. If you have an ambition to make games that defy expectations and build something unique with us, reach out!

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